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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PieceOfScrap eBay Seller Success Story: Kohls Plush

I have been selling (and buying) on eBay since April 2000, almost 10 years! Through the years, I have learned a lot. I am sharing my tips, techniques and eBay success stories so that you, too, may also share in my success. The key to successful selling on eBay is knowing what to sell. I have had much success reselling products, some that I purchase new at retail stores, other products are used and purchased at garage sales and thrift shops. This success story happened by accident. I purchased 3 Peanuts Gang Stuffed Animals from the Kohls Cares for Kids Collection while at a garage sale, each for 25 cents. After the listing the 3 plush animals in a set for $19.99 and receiving no bids, I decided to break up the set and sell each one individually.
The plush Snoopy Flying Ace sold for $19.99, the plush Woodstock sold for $8.49 and I still have the plush Charlie Brown in store inventory. A great sale considering I purchased each stuffed animal for 25 cents!

Total Sale$28.48
My Cost-.50
Profit on Sale$27.98