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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What to sell on eBay: Eagle's Eye caught my eye!

Ugly sweaters are in and not just for Christmas! While shopping the thrift store, I stumbled upon a very decorated cardigan sweater, light blue in color, with embellished Easter eggs for buttons down the front. In my opinion, the sweater was pretty and perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday. It had 3D pink flowers on the sleeves, an Easter bunny, chick and very colorful tree design on the back. With Easter just weeks away, I knew I had to list it on eBay as soon as possible. I listed it with a Best Offer 7 day auction with a Buy It Now price of $59 plus shipping. See other ugly sweaters:

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Within hours, I had two watchers on this ugly find. I declined a $35 offer stating I had just listed the item and countered $50. A few hours later, the buyer accepted the counter offer. Similar Eagle's Eye sweaters were selling for less than $50, but I can't help but wonder if I should have listed it higher.

Keep your Eagle's Eye open for this brand! 
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