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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Popular Halloween Costume Ideas

Popular Halloween Costume Ideas include:

CAITLYN JENNER - the Olympian turned female

Back to the Future - October 21,2015 is date in movie
Despicable Me - Minions
ROYAL BABY - Prince George, baby of Prince William & Kate Middleton
Man of Steel - Superman
Star Wars - recent trailor release and upcoming movie
Duck Dynasty
Presidential candidates
Peanuts Gang - upcoming movie release will make these popular

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These costumes can be made at home easily with a little imagination. Check my Pinterest board for many more unique homemade Halloween costumes for boys, girls, children, couples, men, women and adults:

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Unique halloween costume ideas include: Mad Scientist, Pippi Longstocking, Chicken, iPod, Railroad, Street Light and many more!

How to Ship on eBay | $100 Free Insurance for eBay Sellers

eBay Top Rated Sellers and Platinum and Titanium PowerSellers who use eBay Labels for Priority Mail services will now receive $100 worth of FREE insurance. This is in addition to the special USPS shipping discounts you already receive—up to 35%—because of your seller status! Plus, FREE Delivery Confirmation is uploaded to My eBay when you ship Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express through eBay Labels.

However, one must ADD insurance to get free insurance on Priority Mail Packages!

To do so:
1. click the insurance box
2. In the dropdown box, scroll to the USPS insurance option and this provides free insurance for priority up to a certain amount.
3. When you hit "add" to add the insurance, the cost of the postage does not change.

Announcement: Great USPS news for eBay Sellers

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