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Friday, January 15, 2010

eBay Seller Success Story - Brighton Shoes

Have you ever wondered what to sell on ebay? Check this out! I purchased a pair of Brighton Womens Sandals at a local thrift store and turned them into nearly $40 profit! Brighton shoes are very high quality sandals, made in Italy. Here is the listing:

BRIGHTON Womens Sandals LARK THONG sz 8 Blue Made Italy

eBay Sale Price: $41
My Cost: $1.75
Profit on Sale: $39.25

As with any sale on ebay, there are associated listing and end of sale fees. I usually recover those costs in shipping and handling. For example, I charged $9 shipping & handling on this sale, but only paid $5 to ship the shoes. Keep those extra charges in mind when setting your shipping and handling charges.

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