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Friday, March 23, 2018

How to improve eBay listings with a backdrop and dress form

Order your own:

👗 Dress Form
▧  Backdrop
💡 Lighting Kit

A picture is worth a thousand words! This holds true when selling items online. The only thing between your items for sale and buyer is a computer screen or mobile phone. Taking great photos that represent the texture, color, etc of the item is key. I added a mini photo studio to my basement and have been retaking photos of stale merchandise in my eBay store, Piece of Scrap. I recently sold two of those items with photo retakes within a matter of days.

To create your own mini photo studio, simply purchase a backdrop, dress form and studio light. Visit How to add a photo backdrop to items selling on eBay for more information.

Here are just a couple of my improved photo retakes (before and after):

Purchase your own dress body form on Amazon: