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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Increase eBay store traffic using a domain name

Those of us with an eBay store or perhaps just starting an eBay store are looking for ways to increase traffic, thus possibly increasing our sales. Using a simple, easy-to-remember domain name to point potential customers to is much easier than having buyers remember I learned this from several years of experience selling items on eBay. While many customers knew my store name, it was hard to find on eBay especially for new buyers. One can purchase a domain name for less than $10 per year … a very affordable marketing strategy that is worth a try (it worked for me!) To get started:

1. Sign up for and earn $10 plus 5% cash back on your purchase. Visit to get started.

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2. From, search for godaddy. Click the link on the far right to "Shop Now". A new browser window will open that will track the 5% cash back bonus on your purchase.

3. At godaddy, search for a domain name to make sure it is available (.com domains are most common)

4. If available, click on add to cart to continue to purchase the domain name

5. Once purchased, return to Domain Manager and then check the box. Near the top, click on “Forwarding”. On this popup, enter the URL of your ebay store (for example: Click OK and wait a few hours. It will take awhile for the DNS changes to kick in.

6. To test, point your browser to the domain name you just purchased. Once the changes take effect, the domain will redirect to your eBay store.

Now you have an own easy-to-remember domain name to direct potential eBay customers too. This is fairly inexpensive and easy to do. A great marketing tip increasing traffic to your eBay store.