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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

How to sell on eBay: specify color with Crayola crayon

I have been selling on eBay for over 18 years! In my experience, I have had a few returns for "Item does not match description" relating to the color of the item. Understandably, lighting and the graphics quality on a mobile device or computer may cause the color to vary slightly. I, personally, have had a difficult time photographing anything black - therefore, I don't typically pick up this color when #thrifting. 

To clear up some misinterpretation of color, I recently started taking pictures of odd colored items with the Crayola crayon that matched. I state in the item description that "the color of the item is most accurately represented by the Crayola crayon, color here. Crayon not included". 

Get your box of crayons: