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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kudos to the Post Office ... today! How To Ship a Package

I had a great day at the post office today dropping off my bag of packages ready for shipping! A clerk that is usually behind the counter greeted me at the front door today and took my big IKEA bag of packages. When I asked her if I could have my bag back (please), she smiled and said "Why of course! Has anyone ever offered you one of our post office bags to bring your packages in with?" I softly said "no" and shook my head. She then took my big bag with holes in it to the back room, emptied it and returned with several USPS plastic bags for me to carry my packages in with. I was so elated! You would have thought she had given me a gift. I thanked her profusely and left there with a huge smile on my face. You see, I will not even visit my local post office because they have nothing but grumpy old men working there. They will take each and every one of my ready-to-ship packages and weigh them individually to make sure I'm not 1 ounce over the limit stated on the label. Talk about time consuming! I thought that is why I printed my own labels at home using this Weighmax Capacity Postal Shipping Scale. Not only that, but I was told that a Flat Rate package had to be "flat". Huh? Flat rate means that you can mail anything, up to 70lbs, for one flat rate price. Am I wrong? Has anyone else had trouble shipping with the USPS? Perhaps I'm the only one having trouble because my ex-husband works there. Surely, he doesn't pull that much weight at the post office. 

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