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Monday, November 28, 2016

Hot Toys & Stocking Stuffers on Sale at Piece of Scrap

Swing into Christmas sale at piece-of-scrap. Shop our store for huge discounts on the TOP Christmas toys and stocking stuffers! High quality brand name clothing on sale at discount prices including Ralph Lauren, Tommy Bahama, Chico's, Harley-Davidson and more. Don't forget to buy your UGLY HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS SWEATER for those office parties and contests! As always, if you don't like my price, make a BEST OFFER!

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Hot toys & Christmas stocking stuffers on sale

Friday, July 29, 2016

How to research an accepted Best Offer price on eBay

How to research an accepted Best Offer price on eBay
One of the biggest questions for experienced and newbie eBay sellers alike is, “How much should I sell this for?” While there are numerous ways to research selling prices for items listed on eBay, I will discuss a very specific one: after searching completed items on eBay, the price accepted was via Best Offer. What is the best offer accepted price?

To learn how to search completed listings for similar items on eBay, visit How to research what price to sell an item for on eBay If an item has sold with a Best Offer, the asking price is crossed out. To see the accepted Best Offer price, do the following:

1. Click to view the complete item auction detail page
2. Click the link near the top of the item description page “see original listing”
3. On the original listing page, scroll down to where the auction item number is stated
4. Just above the item number, is a link to Print the page
5. Click the Print link.

The print item page will display the accepted Best Offer price. Continue to research other sold items by returning to the Advanced Search Results and repeating the steps above to identify the selling price of a Best Offer acceptance.

How to research what price to sell an item for on eBay

How to research what price to sell an item for on eBay
One of the biggest questions for experienced and newbie eBay sellers alike is, “How much should I sell this item for?”. While there are numerous ways to research selling prices for items listed on eBay, I will discuss just one: search completed items on eBay for similar items or exactly the same item. 

To see how I search for completed comps (comparative solds) on eBay, watch this video on an eBay BOLO that sold for over $100! 

eBay also offers a FREE Terapeak Research tool. I use this tool when pricing rare BOLO items, including this one that sold for nearly $200! Watch how to use Terapeak Research Tool

To search completed listings for similar or exactly the same item on eBay:
1. Click the Advanced Find link in the upper right hand corner of most any eBay page.
2. On the Advanced Find page, enter the keyword search term (very generically).
3. Check the appropriate box for Condition (New or Used).
4. Then, scroll further down the page and select the box for Sold Items.
Optional: On the left side, click the box to search US only listings
5. Click the button to Search Now.
6. On the search results pages, the completed and sold listings appear. In the Sort drop down box, select the option to sort by “Highest price plus shipping”

Optional: The date of sale may be important if an item was once hard to find or just released. Newly released items will initially fetch a higher price until the item is readily available nationwide (rules of supply vs. demand)

Using the steps above, 
click here for an example of completed eBay listings for "cashmere sweater"

A seller can see what similar items are selling for by looking at these completed search results listings. If desired, click one of the completed listings to see the item auction description to verify the item is exactly you think it is.

If an item sells quickly at the Buy It Now price, some sellers may think that they let the item go at too low of a price. In fact, some sellers may think they could have received more for the item and greed sets in. Second guessing the price of an item that has already sold is easy to do, but not healthy. As long as a seller had made money on the item (after all fees, of course), then selling the item was a success and the overall store inventory turnover ratio has been improved.

If an item sells via Best Offer acceptance, the price is crossed out. To see the actual price accepted, visit 
How to Research an Accepted Best Offer Price on eBay

Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to save money on a Homecoming dance dress

How to save money on a Homecoming dance dress
Child milestones such as 8th grade graduation may be costly when finding the appropriate apparel, especially for girls. As the children grow, high school events including Homecoming and Prom dances are even more costly. To save money on a party / homecoming dress, try shopping at thrift stores! I find many under valued items at thrift shops, garage sales and Goodwill to flip for a profit online. Formal dresses are much cheaper at the thrift store than in a retail store! Thrift with me:

Many of the top designer dresses are available at discounted and affordable prices including:

A variety of online retailers take part in, the pioneer and leader of online Cash Back shopping. There is not a fee to join, one simply signs up and then clicks through the site to the retailer of your choice. After a purchase is made from the online retailer, Rakuten will send a cash back “Big Fat Check” four times a year. A few retailers available via include:

Neiman Marcus
Lord & Taylor
Sax Fifth Avenue

In addition to online cash back shopping using, online promotional codes are often available at These promotional codes are often good for free shipping or a percentage off of an entire purchase. Some promotions require a minimum purchase amount to receive a discount. If that is the case, buy more to save more and then sell the excess on eBay: How to get started selling on eBay and making money

One should keep these discount saving sites in mind when shopping for a party dress: 8th Grade Graduation, Prom, Homecoming, Bridesmaid, etc. In addition, start your Christmas shopping by clicking through to earn cash back your next purchase at ToysRUs, LeapFrog, GAP, Carters, Amazon and many more!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Swing into Summer Sale at Piece of Scrap on eBay

Swing into Summer Sale at piece-of-scrap on eBay for huge savings on many items. Name brand clothing includes: Ralph Lauren, Talbots, Harley-Davidson, Chico's, Lacoste, Tommy Bahama and more! Shop for Back to School, Halloween, Christmas in July or any day by browsing our variety of homemade costumes, designer shirts for boys & girls and winter / snow pants. As always, if you don't like my price, make a reasonable offer!

Swing into Summer Sale at Piece of Scrap on eBay

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Best Birthday / Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls

Best Birthday Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls
As a mother of a very vocal tween girl, I know what the tweens want most this holiday season.

Musical themed gifts: If their favorite musician is any member of the popular boy band, One Direction, a sure to please gift is a replica of the 1D singer. 12” dolls are available for each band member: Niall HoranLouis Tomlinson,Harry StylesLiam PayneZayn Malik. Choose a collectible that simply looks pretty or one that “sings”.

Is there anyone hotter than 
Taylor Swift right now? If Swifty is their favorite, purchase gently pre-owned Taylor Swift concert tee shirts online here. Finally, one can’t go wrong with iTunes gift cards.

Musical tooth brushes make tooth brushing fun! 
Tooth tunes musical tooth brushes are available in a variety of tunes including: Bruno MarsBlack Eyed PeasOne Direction and Hannah Montana.

: Teens love fashion and that includes anything Aeropostale, Hollister, Victoria's Secret PINK or Abercrombie! Do not pay retail store prices for this designer clothing. Shop online for gently used junior, tween and young woman apparel. Don’t forget the accessories! Coach and Vera Bradley purses, backpacks and lunch boxes are fashion necessities for young teens.

Build a Bear Workshop plush
: My daughter still loves her BABW stuffed plush animals. Purchase gently used, often retired and hard-to-find stuffed toys online.

Arts & Crafts
: Sew Cool sewing machine, Tapeffiti and anything design related. My teenage daughter spent hours wrecking a book, Wreck This Journal. It is an illustrated book that features a subversive collection of prompts, asking readers to muster up their best mistake and mess-making abilities to fill the pages of the book (and destroy them).

Limited Edition Chapstick
Flavored Chapstick makes a great stocking stuffer! Your choice of flavors available here: Gingerbread Kiss, Cake Batter, Candy Cane, Fruit Punch, Pomegranate Gumdrop, Citrus Jelly Bean, Pumpkin Pie.

Designer Footwear
: Ugg Boots, Coach fashion sneakers, Brighton and Toms. Don't pay retail price! Save money on gently pre-owned designer footwear for teenage girls and young women.

Cold hard cash
: In gift card or any currency!

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What to Sell on eBay: Halloween Costumes

What to Sell on eBay: Halloween CostumesHalloween costumes are a popular item to sell on eBay. Hard to find costumes and hand crafted outfits for men, women, children and groups may fetch a pretty penny on eBay. For example, costumes relating to the hit Disney movie, Frozen, have been sold out in retail stores for weeks prior to Halloween.

Crafty moms (and dads) can create a unique, one-of-kind, queen cape by visiting 
How to Make a No Sew Princess Elsa Cape. To create the friendliest snowman to walk the mountains above Arendelle, Olaf, follow the instructions available at How to Make an Olaf the Snowman Halloween Costume. Not crafty? No worries … one can purchase the pre-made Princess Elsa and Olaf the Snowman costumes in my eBay store, piece-of-scrap.

Cartoon character costumes including those from video games and animated television series are always popular. Purchase a Mario Bros costume in my eBay store, or hand craft your own by following the instructions How to Make a Mario Bros Halloween CostumeMickey Mouse and Scooby Doo are other choices popular with young trick or treaters.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Piece Of Scrap for more last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas.

Think outside of the box for Thomas the Trains young fanatics. Instead of purchasing the standard Thomas the Train conductor uniform, available here, one can create a very unique Railroad Crossing Halloween costume. Or, create your own little conductor outfit with bib overalls available online.

Making a Halloween costume that is unique is not only creative but can be profitable. One can make these simple costumes for their own children and in the process, make a duplicate to sell on