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Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to save money on a Homecoming dance dress

How to save money on a Homecoming dance dress
Child milestones such as 8th grade graduation may be costly when finding the appropriate apparel, especially for girls. As the children grow, high school events including Homecoming and Prom dances are even more costly. To save money on a party / homecoming dress, try shopping at thrift stores! I find many under valued items at thrift shops, garage sales and Goodwill to flip for a profit online. Formal dresses are much cheaper at the thrift store than in a retail store! Thrift with me:

Many of the top designer dresses are available at discounted and affordable prices including:

A variety of online retailers take part in, the pioneer and leader of online Cash Back shopping. There is not a fee to join, one simply signs up and then clicks through the site to the retailer of your choice. After a purchase is made from the online retailer, Rakuten will send a cash back “Big Fat Check” four times a year. A few retailers available via include:

Neiman Marcus
Lord & Taylor
Sax Fifth Avenue

In addition to online cash back shopping using, online promotional codes are often available at These promotional codes are often good for free shipping or a percentage off of an entire purchase. Some promotions require a minimum purchase amount to receive a discount. If that is the case, buy more to save more and then sell the excess on eBay: How to get started selling on eBay and making money

One should keep these discount saving sites in mind when shopping for a party dress: 8th Grade Graduation, Prom, Homecoming, Bridesmaid, etc. In addition, start your Christmas shopping by clicking through to earn cash back your next purchase at ToysRUs, LeapFrog, GAP, Carters, Amazon and many more!