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Friday, July 29, 2016

How to research an accepted Best Offer price on eBay

How to research an accepted Best Offer price on eBay
One of the biggest questions for experienced and newbie eBay sellers alike is, “How much should I sell this for?” While there are numerous ways to research selling prices for items listed on eBay, I will discuss a very specific one: after searching completed items on eBay, the price accepted was via Best Offer. What is the best offer accepted price?

To learn how to search completed listings for similar items on eBay, visit How to research what price to sell an item for on eBay If an item has sold with a Best Offer, the asking price is crossed out. To see the accepted Best Offer price, do the following:

1. Click to view the complete item auction detail page
2. Click the link near the top of the item description page “see original listing”
3. On the original listing page, scroll down to where the auction item number is stated
4. Just above the item number, is a link to Print the page
5. Click the Print link.

The print item page will display the accepted Best Offer price. Continue to research other sold items by returning to the Advanced Search Results and repeating the steps above to identify the selling price of a Best Offer acceptance.