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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

eBay sellers beware of printing multiple shipping labels using the SCAN form

eBay sellers beware of printing multiple shipping labels using the SCAN form
eBay sellers can reduce time and effort when shipping a number of eBay items by using the Shipping Action – Print Shipping Labels option within eBay.

Visit How to Create Multiple Shipping Labels on eBay for detailed instructions. 
By printing multiple shipping labels at a time, sellers can enter the weight of all items awaiting shipping, select the delivery service type, pay and print for all labels at once. Then, eBay provides the seller with a Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice (SCAN) Form that can be presented to the postal clerk upon acceptance of the packages. However, top rated sellers concerned about eBay’s defect rating system should be cautious of this time-saving technique for printing multiple shipping labels.

My own experience has proven:

1. Initially, only the tracking number on the bottom of the SCAN Form is traceable on
2. The tracking numbers displayed under Sold / Shipping Labels are not tracked on until the number has been scanned / accepted at a post office.

·        Based on my own experience, a high dollar item was shipped using the SCAN Form, but the package itself was not traceable. The tracking number on the shipping label when entered on simply stated “Not Found”.
·        The information provided by eBay when clicking on the tracking number stated “The seller has provided a tracking number. The tracking status will be updated once the shipment reaches the carrier.”
·        New and experienced buyers alike questioned if their package had been shipped and why the status of the tracking number provided had not been updated.
·        USPS customer service offered no assistance despite showing them that the tracking number was valid and not entered improperly
3. Once each individual shipping label has been scanned, the tracking number becomes valid and appears on For instance, I dropped multiple packages off using the SCAN Form at the Peoria, IL post office. Three of those packages were not traceable as the tracking number was “not found”. Finally, one of the packages was scanned in Ohio and the tracking number became traceable on

4. After speaking with the postmaster, she suggested that I continue to use the SCAN Form, but assured me that each package will be scanned / accepted at the counter. Her suggestion defeats the purpose of using the SCAN Form to save time and effort.

Based on my own experience, I have reverted back to printing one shipping label at a time, presenting each package to the postal clerk to be scanned / accepted at the counter. As a top rated seller on eBay, I cannot risk the chance of receiving a defect for something that is out of my control: United States Postal Service mail delivery and acceptance.