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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to change the payment method for eBay shipping labels

eBay sellers wanting to change the funding source for eBay shipping labels can do so by following these simple steps (as of 7/5/2016). In this example, the seller is changing the payment information from one paypal account (email address) to another.
  1.        To begin, log in to the Paypal account currently billed.
  2.       Near the top, click the gear to access the user profile.
  3.      Select Payments, then preapproved payments.
  4.       Change the status from Active to Cancel by clicking on Cancel.
  5.      Select Yes, to confirm the cancellation.
The next time a shipping label is printed from eBay, it will prompt you to enter a funding source. At that time, enter the new Paypal account credentials.

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