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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shipping on eBay with Free Insurance using USPS Priority Mail

eBay Top Rated Sellers and Platinum and Titanium PowerSellers who us
Shipping on eBay with Free Insurance using USPS Priority Mail
e eBay Labels for Priority Mail services will now receive $100 worth of FREE insurance. This is in addition to the special USPS shipping discounts sellers already receive—up to 35%—because of stellar seller status! In addition, FREE Delivery Confirmation is uploaded to My eBay when shipping Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express through eBay Labels.

The United States Postal Service offers free priority mail shipping supplies. These supplies include: priority mail poly mailers, flat rate envelopes, flat rate padded envelopes, boxes of all shapes and sizes. One may pick up these free shipping supplies at your local post office or visit and “order” them online with free delivery to your address.

eBay sellers are not automatically given the $100 worth of free insurance. Users must select to add USPS Insurance to the priority package. To do so, do the following:

From the print shipping label screen in 

1. Select United States Postal Service as the Carrier
2. Select a Priority Mail Service from the dropdown list
3. Enter the weight of the package if necessary (Flat rate service does not require weight)
4. Check the option to “Add Insurance” (the page will refresh with ShipCover insurance selected as the default)
5. In the box that says ShipCover Insurance, change it to “USPS Insurance”
6. Package value will default to the price of the item
7. The page will refresh and you will see that insurance has been added for Free
8. Purchase postage and print label.

Should an item arrive damaged, the insurance provided by the USPS will protect you as an eBay seller. Work with the buyer to receive enough information about the broken item (pictures, if possible). Immediately refund the buyer for the damaged item, then submit an insurance claim online by going to