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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cashmere sells on eBay – even with holes!

Making money selling on eBay is not an easy task. New eBay sellers as well as experienced sellers are constantly seeking advice on what to sell on eBay. As an experienced eBay seller, I know that anything cashmere sells. Cashmere sweaters that are new with tags (NWT) can can sell for nearly $1000 depending on the brand name. Used or preowned apparel can easily fetch $50.

But, did you know that cashmere, even with holes, sells as well! I recently sold a Burberry cashmere scarf, with holes from normal wear, for $46.95 shipped. I picked the scarf up at a local church sale for $1.

I was curious why anyone would be interested in a purchasing a holey cashmere piece and quickly discovered that crafters as well as interior decorators love the softness of this costly material. In fact, Pinterest is full of craft project ideas for recycling cashmere including:

·         iPad covers
·         dog sweaters
Cashmere sells on eBay – even with holes!·         phone case
·         hair band / ear warmer
·         Christmas stockings
·         pot handle covers
·         infant leggings
·         scarves
·         bookmarks
·         doll dress

Martha Stewart has many how-to videos on repurposing cashmere, including these: 
how to make a cashmere skirt and how to make a cashmere hot water bottle cover.

If you happen to have multiple cashmere sweaters with imperfections, you can group them in a lot to sell on eBay. I have successfully sold a crafters' lot of 6 cashmere sweaters in various sizes and styles. The imperfect 
lot sold for nearly $50 shipped.

Add anything cashmere to your BOLO (Be On Look Out) list while seeking items to resell on eBay. Mens and Womens Sweaters are often easy to identify simply by touch while shopping at a thrift store. You may also find these clothing items at garage sales, church sales and sometimes even Kohl's department store clearance section.