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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Reseller Reality: Free Shipping Supplies eBay Coupon & New Year Goals

Life of a reseller has its ups and downs. Today is New Year's Eve 2022. The power went out last night at 11:24pm. I woke up! Does anyone else wake up when the power goes out or is it just me? Dolly the dog had a rough night. She pooped on the rug twice and started barking at 3:24am. I've been up since. On a scale of 1 - 10, I'm a 5. tired.

What I Accomplished:

Posted a reminder on all my socials to use the FREE eBay shipping supplies coupon. Need help finding & redeeming your coupon? Check out my step by step YouTube video

Listed and cross posted 7 items.

Brainstormed 2023 goals. This is what I'm considering:

What exhausted me:

Getting up at 3:24am

Received an eBay return, relisted and restocked, blocked the buyer

9" of snow in the forecast

My self-care consisted of:

running 6.5 miles, walking .5

an hour nap

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